All you need to know about prescribed painkillers

All you need to know about prescribed painkillers

A painkiller or an analgesic is a type of drugthat is used to provide relief to a person suffering from acute pain. Analgesic drugs are not anesthetics. They are prescribed during muscle sprains, pain caused by injuries etc. Painkillers are of two types: mild analgesics and strong analgesics, depending on the intensity of pain.

The risks of taking painkillers

Research works have revealed that in case of chronic pain, painkillers are not always effective. Moreover, they carry several risks. This is the reason why physicians all over the world are trying to lessen the dependence of patients on painkillers by providing their patients with safer and long lasting remedies for pain.

If you are taking painkillers, these are some of the things you deserve to know:

  1. Analgesics may increase the pain

Prolonged use of painkillers may end up making the situation worse for you. Long term consumption of several painkillers amplifies pain messages in a person’s brain and this intensifies the pain.

  1. Addiction

Four out of every five people addicted to drugs like heroin admit that they commenced with prescribed painkillers. This is because many painkillers are extremely addictive. After taking them for few days, you start to become dependent on them. Dependence leads to consumption of painkillers in higher doses than required and before you know you have already become addicted. If you want tramadol, buy online without any prescription.

  1. Painkiller addiction is more common in women

Women experience pain more intensely than men as they have more number of nerve receptors. So, they are more proactive when it comes to seeking remedies for lessening stress, pain and anxiety.

Again, the female body is more sensitive to the side effects of painkillers than men. So, they become psychologically and biologically dependent on analgesics after taking them for some time.

  1. You can face difficulty while quitting

Even if you have been taking painkillers prescribed by your doctor, there are still chances of developing dependence on analgesics. If you try to quit taking them, you might face some difficulties like exhaustion, body aches, fever, nausea etc. If you have been taking painkillers for a long time, trying to quit them may have severe body reactions like diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia, extreme pain and depression.

  1. There are other ways of dealing with pain

There is a great variety of options to treat pain other than with the help of prescribed drugs. The best part about non-drug options for lessening pain is that they come with zero side effects. Some of the best ways of treating chronic pain are yoga, meditation, acupuncture, talk therapy, massage and exercise. So, bid adieu to painkillers and embrace the non-drug alternatives for reducing pain.

  1. Pain is normal

Painkillers provide instant relief from emotional and physical pain. But, we need to realize that they do not arrive at the root of our pain. We need to find out what is causing the pain and then deal with it in other ways.

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