Know How Alcohol Abuse Significantly Meddles With Your Cognitive Functions

Know How Alcohol Abuse Significantly Meddles With Your Cognitive Functions

Many people assume alcohol is safe and not harmful like many drugs as it is legal. In truth, alcohol addiction causes adverse effects than certain drugs. It affects many of our organs and causes irreversible damage. The immediate effects reach a person’s brain first causing slurred speech, difficulties with walking, blurred vision and impaired memory. These effects disappear after the body flushes out alcohol.

It changes the levels of transmitters. Regular consumption of alcohol beyond moderate levels would increase your alcohol tolerance level and it would push you to consume more alcohol so as to feel the desired effects. Eventually the person’s actions and thoughts are taken over by alcohol. The person starts depending on it and feels the urge to consume it often. Regular intake of alcohol causes brain deficits which persist even while the person is sober.

Common factors the influence alcohol addiction among teenagers:

  • Early exposure of alcohol
  • Easy access to inexpensive alcohol
  • Parental relationships
  • Peer pressure
  • Poor educational achievement
  • Prone to Bullying
  • Money to spend
  • Long periods of unsupervised time

Many people surpass the line of social drinking without realising. Heavy drinking has extensive side effects – from small slips in memory to more permanent debilitating conditions that necessitate lifetime custodial care. With the help of rehab centres, a person who is addicted to alcohol can be treated. Alcohol rehab centres offer counselling, medical detox and therapy. LA alcohol rehab centre would help you recover from alcohol addiction.

Alcohol’s long-term effects on brain:

Heavy drinking speeds up the process of memory loss in men. More than 60% of alcoholics have thiamine deficiency. These people are at a high risk of serious brain disorders like Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. The symptoms include muscle coordination, mental confusion and oculomotor disturbances. These persons are also prone to Korsokoff’s psychosis. In addition to having problem remembering old information, they struggle to lay down new information too.

Alcohol affects brain in many ways. Being buzzed is definitely not worth the risk. Alcohol is the commonly abused substance and it is easy to get caught up in addiction. Seeking professional assistance helps you combat alcoholism.

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