Teeth Whitening: Is It Right For You?

Teeth Whitening: Is It Right For You?

There is a saying that “first impressions last” and when it comes to first impressions, nothing beats a good beaming smile. For some people, a beautiful white smile is one of the best assets especially for a good picture or that obligatory selfie we have with our friends or at every family or work outing. With dentist Reston, you can assure yourself of professional care for that smiling impression you need. Part of that professional care is advice on anything you may need including the need for teeth whitening.

What causes teeth to yellow up?

As you grow older, your teeth naturally fade in color. Aging naturally wears and tears your teeth, darkening your tooth enamel within. Drinking too much coffee and tea could also contribute to that. For others, having yellow teeth comes naturally with an increased amount of dentine within which causes the yellow color. This happens due to genetic factors that dictate teeth color as a child grows up. Having your teeth whitened is a dream for some people which needs professional care to avoid any possible mistakes that may occur especially for those who try to whiten their teeth on their own. You can save a lot of guesswork by consulting your local dentist. They can advise you on whether or not teeth whitening is good and applicable for you.

Making the Decision

Keep your teeth healthy before having it whitened. Prepare yourself as well for possible side effects such as tooth sensitivity as a reaction to the whitening gel. You can take pain relievers if it is too much to bear. Store products and toothpaste do not make a big impact on teeth whitening which is why you should always consult your dentist on the matter. Take note that teeth with gum disease, cavities, exposed roots, and untreated issues will not receive teeth whitening treatment well.

Teeth whitening usually takes only an hour. Dentist Reston will care for you by advising you all the way on how to prepare and maintain your teeth. Your gums and lips will be protected throughout the process. Avoid tobacco and drinks with dark colors to prevent your teeth from yellowing again since teeth whitening does not last forever. It involves maintenance and regular cleaning to preserve that fresh smile for longer years. Depending on the case of your teeth on a case to case basis, teeth whitening may work well or not for you which is why your local dentist will be the best judge for you to have your teeth whitened with full confidence and care.

Teeth whitening has a ton of benefits. Aside from making your teeth sparkle, it also helps boost one’s confidence. In turn, this helps you in different aspects of life.

Again, it will just be a quick consult with a dentist to determine if you’re perfect for teeth whitening. Go get back that perfect smile!

At SmileZone, Dr. Mahathi Nanduri and team will help you get back that perfect smile. If you’re looking for a dentist Reston, contact us today for an appointment.

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