You Can Absolutely Ditch Coffee for These 3 Cannabis Strains

You Can Absolutely Ditch Coffee for These 3 Cannabis Strains

Sometimes, even after a few hours of sleep, you just feel fatigue all over your body, making you want to stay in bed for a while. Then again, this isn’t practical especially if you have to work. For some people, coffee can be their source of energy, now you can simply light a joint and get hyped up.

If you’re located in US States where recreational use of marijuana is legal, you can definitely score these strains perfect to start your day:

Durban Poison

Find yourself feeling a little sleepy but got loads of work to finish? What you need is something strong without too much euphoric effect. The Durban Poison is the perfect strain to fight off sleep and boost your creativity. It also lifts your mood, keep you relaxed and at the same time, provide a sense of rush. Overall, this strain acts like the espresso of cannabis; it’s stimulating and gives you a lot of energy that you need.

Sour Diesel

One of the strongest and fast-acting strains that you can try is the Sour Diesel. It contains approximately 26 percent of THC, so it does have that psychoactive effects but you can limit these depending on your consumption. Maybe a few puffs can already give the desired effect you need.

What makes this strain one of the best is it doesn’t give off couch effect or drowsiness. This is perfect for late night sessions, for an extra push. Moreover, since this strain also contains CBD, chronic pain and fatigue can be gone instantly.

Pineapple Express

This one is a Sativa dominant strain which is famous for its mellow effect and citrusy taste. It also gives off the mental high for a few hours but you can control how much to consume to get the desired effect. Since it contains approximately 25 percent THC, a few puffs can already make you feel high. More importantly, this strain is good for those suffering from mental conditions like anxiety and depression.

There’s nothing wrong in drinking coffee but if you are too lazy to get up and prepare the drink in the kitchen, then you can try these strains for improved focus and heightened energy. Remember to take only the amount you can tolerate and don’t experiment with strains especially if you’re just a newbie. Finally, try not to consume alcohol and pharmaceuticals in the event that you’ve smoked cannabis.

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