health and Wellness (2020)

health and Wellness

health and Wellness

If we are healthy then we will be strong. Everything we do depends on your health, so It is important to monitor your health first. If your body is not right then your mind will not be right in anything. If you are sick for a long time, your Appetite will be reduced. So you keep an eye on your health.

what is health?

In the eyes of most people, if people are healthy, that’s it health scholars have defined the term health in a different way and viewed it from a different perspective.

However, the World Health Organization has defined health in this way. “Physically, mentally, spiritually and socially and no disease, from the point of view health, is the name of being on an unbalanced bottom.”But we only associate health with the disease.

Physical health

health and Wellness

Physical health will be the condition of our body. When all the internal and external organs, tissues, cells of the bodywork properly because they should work. It includes body structure, development, functionality, and maintenance.

It is also the functional and power level of an organism suitable for daily work. Such as hearing, blinking, walking, visual, and other general activities. The following are the criteria for ensuring good physical health.

  • Activity – Strength, flexibility, and endurance.

  • Deep sleep with a balanced diet.

  • All the organs of the body should be of normal size and function properly.

  • General size for a person’s size, age and gender, pulse rate, body weight, and exercise tolerance should all be in accordance.

If you follow the steps described above, your physical fitness and Wellness will be fine.

Mental health

Mental health refers to our sensitive, emotional, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It helps determine how we handle stress.

How others are treated and reunited. If we experience mental health problems during life. So your thoughts, mood, and behavior may be affected. Ways to keep it good are given below-

  • Meeting and helping others.

  • Think positive and stay physically active.

  • Get enough sleep.

  • To make happiness, peace, and practice a reality.

  • Keep your mind balanced.

If you do these things properly then you will not have any problem with your mental health and Wellness.

Spiritual health

However, there is no scale to define spiritual health. But we can say that our good health is incomplete without being spiritually healthy. Because searching for the meaning and purpose of life makes us spiritual.

Prosperous spiritual health reflects our personal feelings and values such as happiness, money, harmony, purpose, hope, strength, and inner peace in our lives. There are some ways to keep it good.

  • For this, we have to give up the attachment to material things.

  • You need to know yourself because the soul acquires its own knowledge and experience will always be calm and authentic.

  • Maintaining brotherhood with other animals without being influenced by them, your actions will improve.

  • Keep in touch with positive energy that can dispel evil thoughts.

Here if you do these things properly then you will not have any problem in your health and wellness.

Social health

Social health involves your ability to satisfy interpersonal relationships with others. Because we are social animals. Being socially accepted by all is associated with our positive prosperity.

  • Develop relationships with others.

  • Establish a sense of identity.

  • Our ability to do the best social welfare work.

  • Try endlessly to bring happiness in family and society.

We all need good health although It is not limited to any particular religion, caste, community, or gender Most people do not understand the importance of good health and even if they do understand it they are ignoring it.

Whenever we talk about health then our focus is only on physical health. We don’t focus on other dimensions. Therefore, we must think about these necessary things.

If you can do these things properly here, you will have no problem.

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