Best healthy breakfast recipes with eggs

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Best healthy breakfast recipes with eggs

The egg is a very nutritious and delicious food item. Eggs have many properties that are beneficial to our health. For those people who have weak bones or are thin, doctors also advise them to eat eggs.

Many dishes are also made from eggs, which are very tasty and wonderful. Nowadays, everyone consumes eggs, some people like to eat it raw as well because it is beneficial for health.

Today we have brought for you some recipes made of eggs which you can easily make at your home and feed everyone. Although all these dishes are easily available in the market, the taste of the food prepared by itself is different.

When you have the method, what do you need to bring anything from outside? If any guests come to your house or have a special day, just bring the ingredients quickly and make any egg-ready dish according to your wish and feed it to everyone.

Best healthy breakfast recipes with eggs

Egg dosa

The taste of egg dosa is crisp and wonderful. This mixture of maida and egg is made like dosa which is liked by all. If you eat it with sauce, chutney, or sambar then it will taste even more delicious. Anda dosa is famous everywhere. People who like eggs definitely consume them. It is not available everywhere but the demand for those who eat it is very high.

Best healthy breakfast recipes with eggs
Best healthy breakfast recipes with eggs

Anda Bhurji

The taste of Anda Bhurji is spicy and spicy. Good spices are added to it, which makes it spicy and everyone likes it. If you have nothing to prepare for breakfast in the morning or evening, then you can easily make your day by making egg bhurji. It is аlsо gооd fоr heаlth аnd is liked by аll.

Egg Paratha

The taste of egg paratha is soft and spicy. Many spices are also added along with eggs, which makes its taste even tastier and everyone likes it. People who like eggs eat egg paratha with great passion. By the way, nowadays everyone eats eggs because it is beneficial for health. You can make egg paratha easily anytime.

Best healthy breakfast recipes with eggs

Egg fry

Egg Fry is very famous everywhere. Not only in our country, but you can also go abroad, but you will also find this wonderful egg fry there too and you will get a lot of people who eat it. Egg fry is very easy to make and its taste is excellent. You can also eat egg fry with any other dish. Survey egg fry with roti or naan, everyone will like it.

Egg toast

If you are bored by eating boring simple toast in your breakfast every morning, then make excellent egg toast and change your taste. Egg toast is mostly liked by everyone for breakfast. It is prepared quickly and is also the easiest breakfast. Everyone likes egg toast. Everyone likes to eat it with sauce or chutney.

Best healthy breakfast recipes with eggs

Egg biryani

On hearing the name of Biryani, everyone’s mouth gets watery. The taste of biryani will be common to all, but the egg biryani made from eggs may not be eaten by everyone.

Egg biryani is very spicy, spicy, and peppery. Good spices and ingredients are added to it, which makes it tasty and delicious. First-time eaters definitely demand it again. You will make it at home and feed it to everyone and will consume it with passion. You can easily make egg biryani and feed it to your guests.

Egg curry

A delicious dish like egg curry with roti, paratha, naan, and plain rice looks very tasty. This is a different type of curry that everyone likes. The taste of egg curry is very spicy and delicious. Egg curry is very famous everywhere, whether you make it at home or bring it from the market, you will enjoy the taste and will eat it with all your hobbies.

Egg sauce

Everyone likes delicious and spicy chutney made from eggs. You can eat it easily with anything. A delicious egg sauce removes the taste from your mouth. You can eat it with pakoras, roti or your daily meal. For people whose food is not complete without chutney, egg chutney is a very good and best thing.

Egg sandwich

Make egg sandwiches in the morning for breakfast and survey them all. It tastes great and is liked by all. Everyone is in a hurry in the morning and tries to get a quick breakfast.

In this case, the egg sandwich is the best. It is delicious to eat and gets ready quickly. It is also nutritious as well. So you can easily consume egg sandwiches in the morning.

Egg Pakora

Everyone likes delicious pakoras made with egg, gram flour, and other spices. You can easily make Egg Pakora whenever you want. The fun of eating wonderful egg pakora in the rainy season is different. You can survey it with any sauce or sauce. Everyone likes Egg Pakora. If you get a drink with it, the fun doubles.

Egg Butter Masala

Everyone may have eaten cheese and lentils with butter but may not have tasted the egg butter masala. It is very tasty and delicious. By adding butter, spices, and egg to it, it becomes very tasty and everyone uses it with passion. If you eat egg butter masala with naan or rumali roti, it looks even more delicious.

egg noodles

Egg noodles are made in Chinese style which is liked by all. Its wonderful taste captivates everyone. Children are always ready to eat. When surveying chili sauce or tomato sauce with egg noodles, the fun doubles. If you make it in the home in a pure way, it will also be nutritious and there will be no adulteration in it.

Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice, prepared in a very short time, has become the first choice of all. If you have filled your mind by eating plain rice daily, then you can make egg fried rice and taste it to everyone. Everyone likes egg fried rice. If you survey different types of chutneys and sauces with them, the taste becomes even more delicious.

Egg mince

Although Keema is made from chicken or mutton, you can make minced meat without meat. It is very easy to make egg mince, it tastes exactly like the rest of the mince but there is no meat in it. Good spices are added to it, which makes it spicy and spicy. Everybody likes egg mince.

Egg simile

Everyone may have eaten vegetables and Rava upma but egg up is even more delicious. It not only has the properties of eggs but also has the taste of spices and other ingredients which is liked by all. You will easily consume all this made in breakfast with a hobby and will also praise you. The egg cup is very tasty.

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