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How much protein in one egg? 6 grams

Eggs are called superfoods. This is because eating it provides protein, calcium, carbohydrates, fats, riboflavin, choline, vitamins B12 A, D, A, etc. as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

This acid makes good cholesterol. This acid is present in very few things to eat and drink. Also, a whole egg contains about 6 grams of protein. Egg white contains 4 grams of protein and yellow yolk contains about 2 grams of protein.

Talking about the benefits of eggs, it is beneficial in both gaining and losing weight. In addition, the egg also helps in brightening the eyes and memory, relieving tension, and keeping the hair and skin healthy.

It can be eaten regularly. But patients with high blood pressure, diabetes (diabetes), and heart should eat it only on the advice of a doctor.

The amount of protein in the egg:-

Eggs boiled, raw, fried, etc. The amount of protein varies in different forms. 100 grams of the boiled egg contains 13 grams of protein, while 100 grams of the fried egg contains 14 grams of protein. 1 egg of medium size contains about 6 grams of protein.

An egg white contains about 4 grams of protein and egg yolk contains about 2 grams of protein, so if you eat only egg white i.e. egg white you will get 4 grams of protein from one egg white.

Somewhere you will also find that it is written that an egg contains 5 grams of protein including yolk so there is no need to worry about it. Roughly assume that a medium-size egg has around 6 grams of protein.

How much protein is needed:-

Men should take about 56 grams of protein in a day and women about 46 grams in a day. In that case, your work will go smoothly.

However, if you go to the gym today, work hard, be an athlete or do bodybuilding, then the need for protein increases a lot.

In this case, you need 1 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight in a day. Egg protein is also very good for digestion. So this is the first choice of bodybuilders.

Protein in 100 g

Omlet- 11 Gram

Egg Poached- 13 Gram

Raw Egg-13 Gram

Egg Scrambled- 10 Gram

Egg white Raw- 11Gram

Egg Yolk Raw -16 Gram

Boiled eggs are more beneficial than raw:-

Boiled eggs are low in fat and high in nutrients. It is easily digested. Our body absorbs up to 80% of the boiled egg while only 50% of the raw egg is absorbed and the rest goes to waste.


That is, if you eat two raw eggs, you get the protein of one egg. In addition, there is a risk of bacteria in raw eggs. Overcooking eggs is also harmful.

The more you cook it, the less protein you will have. It is best to half fry the eggs in the fry farm. This retains the nutrients found in eggs.

How many eggs should be eaten in a day:-

How many eggs should be eaten in a day this question comes to the mind of many people how many eggs should be eaten in a day.

If you ask from the point of view of a common man, we will say that you should eat 2 to 4 eggs a day, but from the point of view of a bodybuilder or a wrestler, then in a day, even a tray of eggs runs out.

A tray contains 30 eggs. How many eggs to eat depends on your diet and workout. Yes, keep in mind that egg yolk should not be eaten too much. Make an egg white a part of your diet as a hobby. It plays a big role in maintaining your health.

Benefits of eating eggs

Eggs cure iron deficiency:-

Regular consumption of eggs cures iron deficiency in our body. Enough iron in eggs can digest our food quickly. It is extremely beneficial for our body, which helps us to keep our body healthy by saving us from many types of diseases.

Raw eggs are beneficial for hair:-

If you are bothered by the problem of hair breakage or hair loss, then you must try using raw eggs once as the protein found in eggs can cure the problem of hair breakage or loss.

Zinc, sulfur, vitamin E found in eggs are very important for your hair and hair also needs abundant vitamins. This helps in making your hair strong and the problem of hair loss can also be removed. Therefore, eggs should be consumed to stop hair loss.

Egg intake makes up for the lack of protein:-

Eggs contain a good amount of protein, lack of protein in our body can lead to diseases, which the egg helps us to get rid of. Eggs, milk, meat, etc.

These contain a very good amount of protein, but you can replace eggs You can eat 200 grams of goat or chicken meat, then you get much more protein in it.

We should also consume egg every day as it gives our body the strength to fight many diseases, an egg is rich in protein and energy.

Increase memory, drive tension:-

Omega 3, vitamins and fatty acids present in eggs are very beneficial for the brain. Not only this, choline is found in eggs, due to which the memory is fast and the brain remains active.

Apart from this, the vitamin B-12 present in eggs helps to relieve tension. Some elements are also found in it, which relieve depression and make the mood good.


Eating energy-rich eggs gives your body plenty of energy. Eating eggs for breakfast will keep you energetic throughout the day. Apart from this, it also increases your efficiency.

However, we would say that you must include eggs in your diet. If you have children in your house, then they must eat eggs.

The best thing is that it does not take too much time to make eggs and it is very easy to make. It has become the same thing that asafoetida does not work, alum color is pure.

Side effect of egg

Yes, eating eggs also have side effects. Eggs are delicious as well as healthy. However, they come with some side effects that may adversely affect your body. Would you like to know what they are? So read the following digits carefully: –

  • Egg consumption and high risk of Salmonella are directly related. Salmonella is a bacterium found in the digestive organs of chickens. It can be present on the outer surfaces of eggs as well as inside them and can contaminate the egg, which will later contaminate you once it gets into your body. The only way to reduce this side effect of the egg is to cook the egg very well for a long time.
  • Eating raw egg white can cause biotin deficiency in your body. Biotin is otherwise called nutrient H or nutrient B7. Biotin deficiency can cause skin diseases, lack of muscle tone, muscle aches and cramps, seizures, lack of hair loss, and some other health problems. (Read more – Home remedies for muscle pain)
  • It is possible that you are allergic to the albumin contained in the egg, which may cause some allergic symptoms like skin inflammation, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, wheezing, cough, sneeze, cramps, etc.
  • Doctors believe that excessive amounts of protein in the body can harm the kidneys and can also cause related disorders. And because a very high amount of protein is found in eggs, its excessive intake may prove favorable for the kidney.

Eggs are one of the most important foods in a healthy diet plan, but you need to make sure that they are safe for you and free of bacteria, etc. germs. You must first cook the eggs well and then enjoy a delicious breakfast made from it.

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